Saturday, February 23, 2008

The end is in sight....April 17, 2008

So a lot has happened in the past few weeks and i have definitely been slacking in the blogging department. I will start at the beginning and hold you all in suspense as to what exactly my title is all about.

So it starts last week, went for my first dentist visit since surgery for a cleaning. They said i was doing a really good job considering i can only open so wide...coulda fooled me, but if they say its ok, then i guess ill agree. The hygienist just used the regular polisher, didn't even try to use the power washer (i call it) as im still really sensitive. I didn't mind the scraping, it was actually more pleasant than usual as my teeth and gums are still completely numb, all i felt was the creepy noise it makes, like finger nails on a chalkboard, YUCK. Everything was fine for cleaning though, i was pleasantly surprised. Then the dentist came in and must have looked at my bite and me in every angle possible. He is extremely happy with the results. I have had his as my dentist since i started going, so he knows everything in and out with my teeth and bite. He says im perfectly symmetrical now(well except for left over swelling) and i FINALLY have a normal functioning jaw...YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next on the list is the surgeon appt. He says everything looks great, fine, and i don't have to see him for 2 months now.!!!!Yippee, great news, means my recovery is going as it should. I still get some tenderness in my earlobe and joint on the left side to touch it, but it seems to be going away...and theres a notch on the left side that sits out a bit...but again he says give it time and it will fix itself...i hope so cuz my face seems to be sunken in more on the left...ill have to take a pic sometime of it to show you all what im talking about.

Next is acupuncture i was SUPPOSED to have on my face...thought it would help the nerves, but the appt was canceled, ill try to rebook it within the next few weeks.

And LASTLY, the GREATEST NEWS IVE HEARD IN A WHILE!!!!!!!!!!!! I get my braces off in 8 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Isnt that amazing...i kinda knew going into the appt that the ortho would say that as i feel my bite is dead on after the last set of elastics. So i go in 4 weeks for one final adjustment and molds...and 4 weeks after, April 17th to be exact its all over...well braces, are over. So excited. So now i have 2 medium elastics on each side..yes 4 elastics...just pulling all my teeth together, its a pain, but i will tolerate it for the next 4 weeks if it means these babies are comin off.

Swelling still lingers on the left side, boooooo....and feeling has yet to return in my chin, lower lip and left cheek up to my eyelid....i get tinglies, but i think with this cold weather its more numb than it has been, bummer again, but all in time!


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I'm ENGAGED!!!! boyfriend proposed to me today...its about time, after over 4.5 years together, and 2 in our house....guess he was just waiting for the right timing.!!!

Just wanted to let everyone know! Wedding will be in 2009!!!! YEAH ME!

Oh and we got a new puppy a maltese/yorkie mix....morkie named Juno.....shes 9 weeks old born nov 27th. She's not even 2 lbs, but will be around 6 lbs fully grown, so same as gizmo. So he has a little sister..ill post pics tomorrow of juno