Tuesday, October 30, 2007

day 26, and visit with Graham

So today I had another surgeon appt. Basically only a quickie...he looked at my bite, said everything was perfect and asked if i had any q's. I mentioned i was having a hard time chewing as it felt off and food just got lost, he said it will eventually come. I also mentioned not being able to get to the back of my teeth while cleaning, he said that will also get easier within the next 2-3 weeks. I go back in 2 weeks and then he will give me some exercises for my jaw...im not quite ready yet. So it will be sit and wait for another 2 weeks, nothing much new im sure to report...

So after the appt i went to the hospital to visit our friend Graham who just had his surgery yesterday. We had somewhat pre arranged to meet up...he sent me a txt msg saying he was ok for visitors. Man did he ever look GREAT....hes doing very well and should be going home soon. His profile looks amazing, and the jaw surgery was a success....ill let him tell his own story, etc, but just wanted everyone to know he looks amazing and is doing very well!!!

Other than that, not much else going on. Im kinda getting the hang of eating, well more putting small pieces in and swallowing. Had lasagna, pasta, craft dinner, rice, ground beef, lots of puddin and ice cream, so im getting there. Not the healthiest diet, but how else am i gona put that 12 lbs i lost back on...... Ill post more pics on the 4 week and 1 month mark, but prolly will slow down on updating as there isnt really anything new to update on sadly:(

Friday, October 26, 2007

Day 22

So swelling was going down, but popped up again after i got the splint out on Tuesday and after my ortho appt on Tuesday. Again, not sure if its due to the poking and prying, or the fact im using my mouth more for talking and eating. Good think is its going down again, however some lingers around my nose, cheeks and chin.

Still nothing new in the feeling department, most of my face is still pretty numb, however i notice when i talk my lips are starting to move a little more, a good sign?

Talking is still difficult and i have what i now call an "accent" hehe, its cute, and my boyfriend says he actually likes my voice more now as its more "girlie" and higher pitch, who woulda thought.

Eating is also still difficult, i havent grasped the chewing thing yet. I find if i try to chew food goes everywhere and gets stuck so its much easier to get smaller pieces etc and just swallow, however that doesnt do much in the taste department. Im still mainly eating soups, scrambled eggs, baby food, puddings, and ground beed in gravy. Maybe next week ill be more adventurous.

Another difficult thing...wow this list is pretty long, hehe, BRUSHING, still hard as i cant open too wide, so my outside of my teeth are spotless but its very hard to get inside. I find everyday its getting a tad easier, but i cant get to the back where my teeth desperately need cleaning.

Pain wise there really isnt much, a slight pull here and there from the stitches, and after changing elastics i feel a bit of pressure, but its actually tollerable.

Recovery is going well, however very slow, but ill get there. Next appt is with the surgeon on Tuesday, will be almost 4 weeks post op by then! There are new pics of my hardware check it out, and new pics of me today, 22 days!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Day 19- SPLINT IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So ladies and gentlemen the splint it out.....19 days, omg i dont know how some of you handled it longer than that. My mouth and tongue is soooooooooooo happy.

I honestly thought it comin out would be such a difference, but honestly other than extra room in my mouth i feel the same:( I tried eating with a baby spoon and i find it hard to open wide enough...same for brushing, how did you all manage to open wide enough to get the brush in there, even a baby one? Guess it will take patience and practice!

Also talking, i thought it would come back naturally, but its still pretty tough, prolly cuz my face is still numb and doesnt move. I didnt think lips or cheeks made such a difference when u talk, lol. Im a lot clearer, but definately not my usual voice....it also seems much higher pitch? Weird

So i did my ortho appt as well today, just for a peek inside. He said all is well, and he will start tweeking in 4 weeks, YIPEE!!!!!!!!! I have a loose bracket and things are definately off still but it will all work out in the end.

So since the splint is out, ive noted a chipped molar, ill have to ask about that later, didnt find it until my tongue was fishin around inside on my way home from the surgeons office. Also i note that my upper jaw is soooooooooo wide, wider than the lower, but thankfully the ortho said not to worry hed fix it. My front teeth are dead on, PERFECT...however my back teeth are still not touching, again a slight concern, but braces should fix it!

So i think thats it for now, i have pics of my x-rays and my new hardware but im at my parents and cant get picassa to download properly, so ill have to post em when i get home!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

day 17

So its been 17 days since my surgery, it feels like the time has flown by and i cant believe i had major re constructive surgery only 17 days ago. However on the other hand, it feels like its been FOREVER, and I honestly cant wait for all of this to be over.

So as of lately i've been doing better i guess, lol. Still plugging away. Ive stopped taking my pain meds, i think ill try small Advil pills should i need anything. Its not really pain I'm feeling though, more of a pressure and weight. My face still feels so heavy and if i lean forward it pulls me forward, hehe. Imagine that, i lean forward and boom, just fall face first, would that be hilarious, and i wouldn't even feel a thing.

So my countdown is on, 2 days until i get this splint out. I'm so excited but having horrible nightmares at the same time. Its always the same one...i get there and he says, "oh, ur bite inst sitting quite where i want it, another week" OMG its suck a nightmare honestly to me. I want this awful splint out....i CRAVE FOOD!!!! Ive tried eating soft stuff, mashed potatoes, eggs, but i cant even open wide enough to get anything in, and when i do its tasteless...could my taste bud nerves have been cut too???

So i have new pics again from today...its getting a little easier to smile, but still the stitches are pulling inside, but not as much so definitely a good sign. My face is so electrifying, I'm getting shocks all the time from nerves doing their work so lets hope they are on their road to recovery.

Today i am going to the store to pick up some stuff...i haven't really felt like leaving the house prior to today, mainly due to lack of energy and i don't feel quite up to driving yet. So today me and the boyfriend are gonna visit WALMART, and let me tell u i am soooooooo excited, change of scenery!! Woohoo.....

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Day 12

So im officially at day 12. Swelling seems to be the same, ive added pics, and will try to at least every other day. I also added one if of my little puppy, Gizmo who will be 1 soon, all 4lbs 6 oz of him....he was just being so cute today that i had to add a picture!

So i'm officially always hungry now, this liquid diet thing is so not appealing. I have lost a grand total of 12 lbs so far....and for me thats a lot considering im a tall thing girl at 135lbs originally and 5'11"...so im closing in on 120 and can defininatly feel it taking a toll on my energy level...cant wait to eat again. Im eating high protein, carbs etc, but i think my metabolism is too fast:(

Anyways the smile is comin along. I feel that when i smile now i can feel everything inside pulling around the stitches, guess its all healing. Hopefully some elasticity in my gums returns because its not the pleasantest feeling. Im trying today without pain meds, well see how it goes, so far so good, but its only been 3 hrs without them, lol.

So i dont think much else is new, still healing away. Hopefully in 2 days there will be more progress and less swelling, it will mark 2 weeks!!!! Never thought id make it!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Finally at my own home

So I have been staying at my parents place since the surgery and i can say it was great. All of that love and attention was definitely what i needed, but of course it had to come to an end.

I'm finally back at home with my boyfriend and dog and i cant be happier. I really feel being at my own place now will help me be a bit more independent and speed up the recovery process. I have tons of stuff i want to do including cleaning up, painting, but ill leave that stuff until i feel a bit better. Ill be happy for now if i can manage to make my own meals and get some rest.

So I've finally posted a picture section with my recovery pictures. Its on the right hand side under pictures. There the original before pictures and some after pictures. I've missed some days, but ill try to stay on top of it.

So far i can say I'm not overwhelmed with results. Mainly i guess I'm just not giving it enough time. My bite is great, but appearance wise I'm not happy. Hopefully things will change when the swelling goes down. First of all my nose is the weirdest shape ever...one nostril's bigger and sits out way more...u can really see it in the pics...i PRAY its just swelling cuz i had a nice nose before, lol. Also WHEN WILL THIS SWELLING GO DOWN...it doesn't seem to be changing at all, i don't want a fat face, i was happy with my shape before...all in time right. Also it would be nice to start feeling some of my face. I'm sick of drooling and not knowing when my nose is running. Its like i need others to tell me, which scares me for going in public, lol. Anyways i guess i cant really complain cuz It doesn't look like i really had this whole major surgery done only just under 2 weeks ago.

Anyways just my rant for the day, unfortunately I'm sure there will be many more to come, so please bare with me.

Think that's all for now, lets hope the week moves fast, cant wait for next tues to get this splint out!

Friday, October 12, 2007

things to buy before surgery

So heres some things that i didnt think of before surgery that i had to send someone out to get, i know again its different for everyone but heres a few tips.

Humidifiers help soooooooooo much in the beginning, if u can get one it will really help.
Liquid advil( although i couldnt take, it catches my throat, too syrupy, ive tried 2 kinds now)
vaseline for lips
carnation instant breakfast
beef broth
zip and squeeze website...get the ice pack head warp, really good and the recipe book, sooooooo helpful omg u would belive the tips and recipes in there...zip and squeeze i have but u cant control the liquid coming out so u choke yourself, well i do at least
syringe.....VERY IMPORTANT....we got 2 at the hospital, but definately not enough, pick up at least 10, ull need them 24/7 for drinking, meds, etc...and the markings wear off so ull need new ones for measuring....the syringe is easy to get but its harder to get the tubing that u attach on to go in your mouth.
kleenex-lots cuz ur gona drool like crazy
q-tips and peroxide...for cleaning our your nose after surgery, get rid of dried blood with q0tip and watered down peroxide
brush for syringe bottle
salt water solution for rinsing
non alcololic mouth wash watered down
some premade soups frozen if possible will cut down prep time
blender...MUST HAVE
gravol...lost of, well at least i was very nauseuous...theres also a patch available, lasts 3 days, called transderm-v
lastly is suppositories pain meds...not the greatest but will help if u cant take orally as i couldnt cuz i didnt have enough liquids in me and it made me sick

Think thats about it, im sure theres others but those are DEFINATE things that helped me through my recovery

Thursday, October 11, 2007

finally a light at the end of the tunnel

So today folks marks 1 week and i can say im not doing the best still but definately a lot better. I had a few complications and i think ill break down on another blog later exactly what i went through each day. Now i know that everyone will be different, however its something i definately needed B4 going into this surgery to know everything is pretty normal and on track. Hopefully some of u will find it helpful. Ill also create another blog of what i have found are ESSENTIAL to gettin gprior to surgery, things u might not think of which u will need. Lastly ill try to do a little nutrition so others can maybe share some of the recipes ive had, they are quite good, well some good and others not so...but anyways.

Today i went to see the surgeon, Dr. Tocchio again for my 1 week appt. They took an x-ray, omg i couldnt believe the screws, etc in my face...some nice hardware. I will definately bring a camera when i return to take a pic for my pictures section, but to describe i have 3 screws on the lower left side, 3 on the lower right side, 2 in my chin....2 gaps on either lower side where he advanced it, which will within 6 months grow over, so theres no bone or anything there now. So upper they removed the old hardware from the previous surgery and i have plates on either side of my nose and above my cheeks. Roof im not too sure but i think i have another few becasue he widened it a lot, so again thats hollow now and will grow in again during recovery.....

So u can see why i wasnt doing too well, sooooooooo much work. Plus with all the scar tissue from the past surgery and removing the older hardware, he said there was so much to do even he felt bad doing it all at once, but there was NO way i was going in again, lol.

So im still really swolen so he removed the elastics and cleaned it out a bit and put new ones on....i couldnt do it myself since im swollen. He also gave me lip exercises...to pucker and to smile, to get the swelling down.

Other than that my next appt is for a week tues, so the 23rd when i get my SPLINT OUT!!!! omg u dont know how happy i am about this. I cant wait cuz honestly i think ill be totally recovered when its out, eating happy....my tongue cant handle much more now with the splint, its ripped to pieces.

Oh i also have special lip stuff because i got a lip infection at the corners, lip fungus or something...again i wasnt doing well after surgery, so thats healing, but still sore...remember people after surgery VASELINE...i did but guess not enough.

K so think thats it for now, again i will do those other blogs, but my neck is killing me here on the computer...ill try again tomorrow...but all i am doing much better and thank you so much for your comments and words of encouragement!!! SMILES

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

road to recovery

Sorry all for the delayed blogging, i wasnt doing too well there once i got home from the hospital, trouble breathing, couldnt keep anything down, couldnt get the pain meds in, but anyways its all over and done with i hope.

Saw Dr. Tocchio today, 2 days earlier than planned, but it was needed since i wasnt doing the greatest. He says im doing well, and bite looks great. We had to cut some elastics so i could breathe, but the splint is still in...yes it SUX, cant wait to get it out, but hesyas 2-3 weeks still. He rinsed my mouth and suctioned it out and cleaned my nose out, funny, a doctor picking my nose, but it was much needed to get dried blood out so i can breathe. I have new pain meds stuff easier to take and should be on the road to recovery.

I tried ensure, etc, but im back on clear liquids cuz im too flemy otherwise. So just gatorade, broth and water...soooooooooo hungry.

I have pics but im at my parents place and cant get picassa working...i should be home sunday at my place so ill put all the pics up.

Think thats it for now, again ill write more later, but i need some more liquids, a little nauseous and low on the energy....yes im a suck, but i dont know how all you other fellow bloggers did so well, this hasnt been fun for me....anyways hope for better news next time. Seeing Dr. Tocchio thurs again for x-rays and elastics change....talk to you all after then


Wednesday, October 3, 2007

hourly countdown is on

So i cant believe its less than 24 hours until ill be done and in recovery. Crazy eh. It definately has hit me now...hopefully i can sleep tonight!

So I called the surgeon's office today just to confirm that everything is on schedule which it is. I asked them about my canker sore and they said it shouldnt be a problem cuz they arent contageous and not to worry....fiewf, now my mind is at ease.

So I cant eat anything after 12, and nothing but a little clear liquid tomorrow am...MAN am i gona be hungry, i dont have to be there until 10:30 are they nuts...i wont be eating for a while, why start the hunger pains before surgery, hehe...but doctors orders.

I have to be there at 10:30. My boyfriend is gona take me, but were also meeting my mom who is gona stay as well for the surgery, u know moms.

So thanks again to all for your well wishes, i definately have a lot of angels and prayers on my side, which im thhankful for! Hopefully ill be well enough to post on sat or sunday when i get home....until then, thank you everyone....see you with my new face and jaw!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

mouth sores

So surgery is in 2 days now and although i feel confident and fine, i MUST be freaking out and stressed because my body is acting all crazy.

Upset stomach, nauseous, mouth sores, well thats mainly from the surgical hooks, yes the bottom middle one is really bugging me (sorry guys that are getting them, its not pleasant.) Even with constantly having wax on, its still sore, because what is aggravating it is when i am eating, it really pokes into me:(

Also i have really bad allergies right now, stuffy runny nose and sinus problems. Thank Goodness its not a cold, but still, are they going to have problems with the tubes, etc?

Lastly i have a killer sore throat, and reason for this is i have a huge canker in my throat...yes the back of my throat by that hangy ball thing (not sure of the medical term). Don't people usually get those on their tongues or mouths. Well not me i get it in my throat. Its HUGE...like i think I'm gona have to call the surgeon to find out if its ok....

More or less I'm looking for a bit of comfort from my fellow bloggers, did any of you experience anything similar? I honestly feel pretty calm and collected, but obviously my body is telling me otherwise. So the dilemma is what to do, leave it or call the office? Could u imagine i have waited all this time and they cancel due to a canker sore and allergies, oh man....