Saturday, September 29, 2007

past 2-3 years

So i was looking at some pictures around the house and from facebook from 2005 and what a diffrerence. When i smile u can see top and bottom teeth and they actually look pretty maybe all of this has come up in the past 2-3 years, crazy but heres the pics, see what u think? The pictures will be in the before section, i think the last few, ill write dates under them so you can see for yourselves.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Pre-op done

So I have finally figured out how to add the Picasa pictures to this website. Just click on my larger picture and it will take you to all the before pictures. They aren't the greatest or the clearest but its the best i can do, I'm not that technologically advanced, lol. There are front on pictures, side ones, close ups so you can see how my lower jaw is 9-10mm recessed.

So pre-op with the hospital and surgeon are done. What a relief, now its just a waiting game until surgery on Thursday Oct. 4th.

So here's some info i remember, check in is at 10:30, surgery at 12, should take roughly 2.5-3 hrs. Dr. Tocchio is doing upper/lower, roof expansion and chin. I WILL have a splint, lucky me. It's a 2 night stay at the hospital.

So i roughly know what they are doing but i honestly didn't want to hear all the graphic details so i stopped him part way through. But basically the roof is being expanded in a V shape. Upper they are cutting pieces out beside my nose and also tilting it, and moving it back slightly. Lower will go forward and lastly chin will be done cuz it will be too pointy and long after. I'm sure theres more, or more details which i didn't want to know.

So overall Dr. T said i will look different as my face wont be as long, it will be more proportionate, and i wont be all teeth when i smile. Moving the lower jaw forward and top back will make my top lip cover more teeth and ill have a nice smile...damn i thought it was nice already.

I will try to take more pics this week, i don't have many old ones as they are on our hard-drive from the old computer, but i want tons for comparison after.

Overall i cant wait to get this done and over-with, will be nice to bite into things without the constant muscle pain and headaches...fingers crossed

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

cant it be oct. 4 already

So just a few updates i thought i would post. I will definately post again tomorrow or Friday with some pictures for before and after comparison, and my post op at the hospital and with the Surgeon, Dr. Tocchio is tomorrow so i will know a lot more details of exactly whats going to happen and what to expect.

I now have my surgical hooks, got them on Monday. They aren't too bad, i have 5 on top and 5 on the bottom. The worst 2 are the ones in the middle of the front teeth both top and bottom, other than that i don't even notice the others. The top one always bugs me when i talk, but the bottom one bugs me more when i eat. They are also a pain cuz even more food gets stuck, and where i was able to go tongue surfing to get little bits out, nope not anymore cuz those hooks are in the way. Worst of all they are on for probably 6 weeks after least they will be the least of my concern after surgery, hehe, ill have more pain to worry about elsewhere. Honestly though i had imagined they would be way worse...i put wax on at night to cover them and its not that bad.

I had 3 cavities filled on Monday as well, figured id get it over and done with, plus my mouth will probably be not the cleanest thing after surgery, i would hate to get more cavities......eek....

Tuesday i visited the doctor to get the general pre-op form filled out. We had a bit of a speedbump when the doctor said i had a heart murmer....WHAT???? No ones ever told me that before.....i have had some heart troubles in the past with a racing heart, etc, so now i have to see a cardiologist(i think thats what they are called). I DOUBT i will get an appt before next Thurs, so i will just leave it. I'm only a 1 our of 6, so fingers crossed they will still go ahead with the surgery....but yeah I'm a TAD worried.

I think thats it for now, again i will have more info available tomorrow after pre-op. It will be nice to know exactly whats going to happen etc etc and ill be sure to get some pics up as i have slacked thus far....just hard finding time to get someone to take them for me:)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


So Christmas came slightly early this that I mean, MY SURGERY DATE IS IN!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought I would have to wait until November, but I got an OCTOBER DATE!!! And its even the beginning of the month.


Im super duper excited, yes if thats possible for someone going in for surgery. Pre op is in a today was spent scheduling dr sppts, dentist, ortho, cancelling other appts i know i cant make now, and i got all my time booked off work...2 months...yes i know this is a tad excessive, but considering im going in for my 2nd round of jaw surgery i definately want to play it safe. This will be the 2nd and LAST time.

I will try to get some good photo's taken before going in for a comparison for everyone and for myself...gota keep some pictures of the old me, well not sure if i will look that different but anyways.

Last thing i have to say is THANK GOODNESS i started buying my stuff a few weeks ago....hehe u never know right, guess it was telepathy. So thats it for now wish me luck!!!!!

Too excited to write anything more, SMILES

Saturday, September 8, 2007


So Sept's moving along nicely, but not quickly enough. Honestly i cant WAIT for October to get my date...hope they call early october, i know im gona be so restless until i get that call.

So ive been reading through all the people's blogs who are still in recovery mode and man its soooooo helpful. I have already started picking up things here and there that i will need, and ive made my list of questions and concerns to ask the surgeon.

So far i have my protein powder, carnation breakfast, whiteboard, zip n squeeze pack with 5 of each bags and the face cold wrap (the one they give you at the hospital sucks cuz u can only put ice in it so its quite bulky, this one has gel packs, seems like it will be a bit more comfortable, if thats possible)

Still to get is soups, liquid vitamin, ice cream, yougourt...can anyone think of anything else.

My prof is already aware and has said he will be accomodating for the classes im going to miss and the exam, isnt he nice!!!

As for my bite, i plan on taking some profile and teeth pics soon and posting them, 1 for everyone to see and 2 for me to compare to after surgery.

Honestly though my bite seems so off now, its like teeth are touching that werent before, i have a different bite every time i close...and all ive had done braces wise so far is thicket wires, no actualy movement of indicidual teeth, weird.

So hopefully ill get those pics up soon, ill have to recruit someone to help me take em!