Thursday, April 10, 2008

We finally made it...brace free

So the day has come and gone...and i can say i am brace free....

I havent felt the full advantages yet as i really dont notice they arent there until i run my tongue across...otherwise im still so numb i really dont notice a difference, least it will be more pleasant for others to look at.

So i have to say it wasnt the easiest process.....those suckers HURT comin off....mainly the lower ones as my nerves are wanky, but i have to say i did have a tear or two in my eyes.....once they were off the rest was pretty tame, as i couldnt feel anything....only problem was opening wide enough, but we managed.

So im brace free...have a glued in retainer on the bottom and top and a retainer to wear on the top at night only, i really am brace free and MAN do my teeth look HUGE.

There are still a few concerns i have, like the little triangle spaces on the bottom, but ill see my dentist about that when i go in to see about whitening...why not do the whole shabang at this point right!

So overall i am a happy camper....i will post more pics tomorrow night once im all dolled up for my party to celebrate...for now i have a few posted just so u can all see!!!!!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

6 days and 1 hr to go

So i have broken the 1 week margin until these braces come off....i am so happy but honestly they have become such a part of me over the past 8 months, i might actually miss them. I really dont feel them now, cuz the inside of my gums are so numb still, however i do as some pointed out, HATE them when im eating....u cant do anything without checking them first for leftover lunch, haha.

So this week's gona fly by and it will be thursday i bet before i even realise it....everything seems to be good...i notice my teeth are in-line, midlines are together, but the lower is slightly recessed....should be alright as this is a usual bite, but of course, since my lower jaw recessed before, im freaking out that its moving well double check with the ortho on thurs, but im sure he will say its just me being picky, hehe.

Anyways, thats it for now...ill try to post some teeth pics before the braces come off...hopefully sunday or monday for comparisons after...will be nice to compare all before, after, and after braces pics!