Friday, May 16, 2008

when will this all end..????

I SHOULDN'T be saying this at this point in the game, 7 .5 months post op...u'd think id be in the clear....anyways heres an update on my pain situation.
Last week if became unbearable, the stabbing feeling in my ear drum that i called the surgeon after I passed out from the pain, yes it was that bad...and luckily i was at home near my couch. I have never felt anything like it in my life. So what do they say...oh well call you in some anti-inflammatory...WHAT thats it.....oh and u should call your dentist to get a night guard made because it sounds like you might be grinding or crunching during the night...GREAT, MIGHT BE....they have no clue....but i don't really blame them, how are they supposed to know whats going on when everyone heals differently....

So ive been on those...pains still there, but nothing like that one day last week.

Yesterday i went to the dentist...600$ later, lol. Anyways i got the tooth that the surgeon chipped fixed finally, which of course had a cavity in it cuz it was chipped anyways, also got my eye tooth on the left fixed as it was a funny shape after the bracket and glue came my impressions made for my night guard....and lastly i had this lazer treatment done to my joints...more on the right where its giving me a problem. It lasted all of 5 mins, didn't feel anything, but once i was done i could open wider, A MIRACLE...I went from 15 mm to 22 mm....isn't that bizarre.

So my dentist says to leave it another 2 months like the surgeon said, and then if the surgeon wont offer me help with finding a physio or someone who can do this lazer or ultrasound treatment, he will do it or pass me on to physios he knows.

So at least theres some hope...NO ANSWERS, but hope...lets hope the tylenol 3's don't run out before the next 2 months....

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Yet another surgeon visit

So I saw Dr. Tocchio, the surgeon again yesterday. It had been 2 months since the last appt, and first seeing him since my braces came off. Again he is very happy with my bite and says it is holding nicely.

I explained to him that my range of motion is a problem and im having quite a lot of pain on the right side...way more so than before the the point that ive been to the dr's 2 times now thinking i had an ear infection because of a sharp pain in ear drum. Turns out theres nothing and its just from my joint. So i told Dr. T and he said to STILL give it some more time and that because its my 2nd surgery it IS going to take longer to heal...and it will definitely be 1 year before im even close to a normal range of motion. He wants to keep an eye on my situation so im back to see him in 2 months to re-assess. He said to continue doing my exercises, and see if it helps.

So no good news again...I just wish i wasnt in pain, cuz that was the point in going in for the 2nd surgery...yes my bite is perfect and its easier when chewing, but still painful i d say 4 times MORE painful...even more:(

So guess well stick out 2 more months and see!