Wednesday, August 29, 2007

2nd adjustment

So again not much new in the braces department. I had another adjustment last thursday there, they put in the thickest wire that will be in place for the surgery. MAN it looks thick. Anyways, my teeth hurt for a week after, and nothing was even really being moved, just overall tension. So heres what i learned today, ill be quick and simple.

Next appt is Oct 17th, thats when i will be getting my wire replaced, and my surgical hooks on, yipee, surgery here i come.

My ortho told me to contact the surgeon, Dr. Toccio to see if i can get a date, i knew i wouldnt but i thought id call anways. They said yes im still on the november list, they double checked for me. they said that a note would be added to my account for a nurse to contact Dr. Hurd my ortho to confirm i would indeed be ready for nov, as if i would make that up, hehe. Then if thats cleared a nurse would call me the first week of october for a surgery date!!!!!!

YEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!! But man waiting until October is gona be killer. From there ill get my date and well book an appt about a week prior to surgery for my pre-op stuff, pics, x-rays etc.

So thats good news, im ready, well minus the surgical hooks which will be in place next, things are all working nicely together.

Again once i get my date ill post straight away, until then i wont really have much to say. Lets hope im posting first week of Oct like they are saying, and not oct 17th when i get the hooks on, fingers crossed for me all!!!