Thursday, November 5, 2009

worse worse and worse news

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO its been wuite a while, and most would figure that at 2 years 1 month post op from jaw surgery that i would be on here with good news.


So where to begin....well about a year ago i started having problems with the plate to the left of my nose, i could feel it raised and it was giving me sharp sharp FINALLY i had it removed a month ago....Surgeon said good thing cuz it was moving around for some reason and it was very irritated.

So u would think thats all, WRONG AGAIN

My bite has been shifting for the past year too, my teeth are perfect and so would my bite if my lower jaw werent moving to the whole bite/face is now crooked.....and the pain is BRUTAL, worse than when i had the last surgery.

So through special xrays, etc etc they have discovered that the real underlying problem is my jaw joint itself.....

So i saw another jaw specialist, there are only 2 in Canada or Ontario i believe that can perform JAW JOINT replacement.....and that unfornately is what im looking at.....a HUGE contraption going into my face.....

I will post more info later about the procedure itself, just thought id get myself back on the map here.....and if anyone has had this procedure please let me know...ive been searching and searching and cant find anything.

Heres some sites in the meantime