Wednesday, June 6, 2007

oh happy days

So I am officially a brace face, teehee. I went in on Monday for what i thought was going to be a 10 minute appointment, boy was i wrong. The lady tells me, you can take your jacket off, you are going to be here a while...what, what happened to 10 mins. Oh yeah, we decided we are putting all your braces on today, if you have the time, because we arent putting the o-bands on the back...YEAH ME.....very sarcastic

So lode and behold, 1.5 hours later im braced up. I got the front top 6 clear, so they are slightly less noticable, but MAN THEY KILL!!! I dont remember being in so much pain back when i was 12. Maybe its because i didnt care so much then, but now that im older with responsabilities, i cant have this pain in the way, u know. I mean its wednesday already and its no better. I can barely chew my ravioli im currently tryint to eat.

Anyways enough of my complaining, haha. Im sure by Saturday ill be good as new, well other than trying to speak normally and loose this lisp ive gained...i call it my new accent!

So Dr. Hurd said im ready for surgery, haha, funny eh. Since my teeth are already straight, they just put on the braces early so my teeth get used to them with a light wire, then they wont be so sore when they change to a stronger wire for the surgery. So he told me to call Dr. Tocchio to find out a date. I did this and they said they are only now booking for July, so id have to call back October to get an exact date, but at least im getting somewhere right!

So thats it for now, i have another appt in 6 weeks when they will do an adjustment. Ill try to take some pics of my braces sometime over the next week or to!

SMILES, well, small smiles for now to hide the brace face i have, teehee