Friday, November 23, 2007

Pampering yourself

Now this is something that is definitely needed after surgery, a pamper fest. So with that i got my hair trimmed, dyed it myself and to top it off got a massage today on my back! Man did it feel good. My back, neck and shoulders have been through a lot lately. I have to go back in another 2 weeks because my back was in that rough a shape.

Things are going well recovery wise. Feels weird not always wearing elastics though. It still feels like they are in when they aren't because i still cant open that wide. But its also nice not having them at the front rubbing and looking icky when talking to people.

I have taken some good pictures of my bite, got as close as i could without it getting blurry, u can compare and see how my bite aligns now and is close. U can see my mid lines are off a tad, but that will be fixed in the upcoming ortho adjustments. Thats it for now folks, hope all the American bloggers out there are having a happy thanksgiving weekend!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Finally some movement!

So i had my surgeon's appt yesterday, it was quick and simple...teeth are extra clean, really? Hm and i havent even been able to floss or brush at the back properly, but if you say so. Bite looks good, see you in 2 weeks again...I mentioned quickly that the left side inside is hurting a lot, feels like the gums are pulling to the max and the braces are almost embedded in my gums, as there is less room than the right side. The surgeon said its just from swelling and scar tissue, not to worry....but i left somewhat unsatisfied as it HURT, and i was hoping he could offer a solution.

So today was my first adjustment post op and let me tell u i was like a kid in a candy store, i was so excited i hardly slept last night, imagine that. So he said my bite is amazing, a little work to do at the back, but i shouldnt need the braces on for more than 6 months....which he had estimated previously, he even said it should be less than 6 months, woooooooooooooooooohooooooooooooo.

So today he replaced the wires, and i removed the surgical hooks, which was great, finally get rid of unwanted excess hardware thats not serving a purpose anymore. So the top wire has a bend at my front teeth as one is slightly more forward and one seems longer, however my roof was expanded caused this, but not to fret, since my adjustment at 10:40am they are aligned, however ones still longer.
He also didnt put the wires all the way to the back bracket, he left the last molar free, which will help the left side to heal inside, and no more rubbing. Again this has eased the pain 10000% since i have left and my mouth is happy on that side.
Lastly he changed my elastics im wearing the strongest elastic on the left side from the first 2 brackets so eye and molar to the lwoer 2 first brackets, again eye and molar. (Fred, heavy 6oz) This is to pull the teeth down a bit on the top as there is a slight space. And in order for the there side not to relapse, i have the lightest band from eye to eye tooth. (Elliot, medium 4oz) I was wearing Bear (4.5oz) since surgery so Fred and me arent the greatest of friends as of yet, lol. Best part of this configuration is that i only have to wear it 10 hours each day!!!! So i think ill prefer that to be when im that great news!!!!!!!!!!!!

So im a bit sore now, more of an overall pressure feeling and my joints are definitely feelin it. Its not the usual soreness since i dont feel anything, which im almost thankful for cuz that one elastic on the left is sooooooooooo strong and thick.

So Surgeon is 2 weeks again and ortho is 4 weeks, im glad things are moving along and theres more progress!

Monday, November 19, 2007

quick update

Things are going well in the healing, recovery department. First I'm going back to work next Monday, yes its about time, but I'm still slightly worried as i still talk a little funny and my face doesn't move that much, so I'm bound to be asked questions, ah well good exercise for the jaw right.

On other notes, feeling is coming back but man is it sensitive. My teeth ache when i brush them now, its a hard feeling to describe, somewhat like having a million cavities and the toothpaste is like chocolate being smeared all over the cavities...also i feel this when i moisturize in the am, i could touch my chin and my teeth go crazy, very weird feeling, but promising that the nerves are doing their thing, oh how the body works mysteriously.

I have an appt with my surgeon tomorrow will be good to see how things are going. The most exciting day this week will be wed, when i get my first ortho adjustment post-op!!!! I have tons of questions to ask....hows it looking? How much longer will all this last, etc etc. So I'm defo looking forward to that.

Other than that, just trecking along, doing my exercises and all. Eating had gotten somewhat easier, hardest part is getting the food in there, has to still be cut small, and it will take some time before my bite is used to its new location for chewing...but its looking promising!

Monday, November 12, 2007

mmmmmmmmmmm food

So its 5 1/2 weeks now and going strong. I think 5 weeks was a real turning point in my recovery. Finally this sickness has left and i have just a little bit of the cold left over, but its tolerable.

I have been doing much better as of lately, food, energy and overall wise. Energy, i find i don't have to take my daytime naps and i can do a lot more without getting tired. Food I'm eating still soft foods but I'm trying others, like i had a messy chicken sandwich at Swiss Chalet the other night, with bread, gravy and chicken, and i got that down no problem. As long as pieces are cut small I'm able to eat. Chewing is getting a bit easier, however still not perfect. I can only chew on the right side as my front teeth are hitting first, but hitting a bit more at the back on the right. Hopefully the ortho next week will help this. Chewing also seems foreign, its like I've forgotten how, and man does my jaw get tired. I'm happy though that I'm finally seeing progress as i was getting scared there at 4 weeks. My jaw is opening almost an inch now, so getting in there is getting easier.

The swelling is mostly gone, still a little lingering around my jawline and in my cheeks. Hopefully at the 2 months mark it will be gone, and i think the anti-inflammatory pills the surgeon gave me are helping.

So things have definitely done a 180 and i am doing a lot better, sucks it takes 5 weeks to feel that way, but at least its some hope for all those hopeful surgery patients out does get easier!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


So i went to the clinic and i now have antibiotics for a sore throat...they are just a general antibiotic, but it seems to be helping somewhat. The Dr couldn't really do too much as he couldn't see in, and couldn't take a swab, so thats the best he could do given the circumstances.

Today I had another emergency appt with Dr Tocchio the surgeon, regarding my sickness and the new swelling. Turns out the swelling is just from me being sick with this sore throat, cold, flu thing. Also theres more swelling in my cheeks because i have been blowing my nose....i know we were told not to do this, or do it gently, but tell that to the person stuffed up from a cold...what do they expect me to do. So he told me how to gently blow my nose if i have to, otherwise my cheeks are going to continue to puff up. Man hes gona think I'm a hypochondriac, well if he doesn't already, lol. He gave me some antibiotic for anti-fl amatory and pain, so hopefully that will help somewhat, but there are so many, like a months worth, and they are HUGE, like horse meds, lol. I also got to postpone my appt next week for 2 weeks from now, and he gave me my jaw exercises. I have to open with my thumb and finger and try to force it a little. The other is to put pressure under my chin and open, so theres pressure when opening...seems easy right, well it HURTS, but i guess no pain no gain, I'm really excited to see my jaw opening wider!

Other than that i have posted pics of me now, so u can see the new swelling around my jawline and cheeks. I do have some feeling coming back in my cheeks and nose, but its more of a pins a needles sensation when i touch rather than how it used to be, but im excited, 1 month post op and feelings coming back, YEAH. Wish i could say the same for my lower lip and chin, i feel NADA, Nilch, nothing....ah well all in time right.!!!

I noted recently that my mid lines are slowly separating. They were dead on, but over the past week or two my lower jaw seems to be creeping to the right, so they are a few millimeters off... i asked Dr. T and he said not to worry as i hadn't even had an adjustment since the surgery and it would all line up soon enough!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

1 month post op and sick as a dog

So its exactly 1 month today and guess who wakes up sick as a god. Someone has it in for me and doesnt want to make this recovery easy. I have no idea where i picked it up because i havent even really left the house much.

So i definitely have strep throat...thought it was the flu at first, but its definitely centred in my throat. Im HOPING tomorrow i feel better, cuz this thing has hit me so hard within the last 24 hours, honestly the worst i have ever felt.

Im hoping it gets better tonight, otherwise tomorrow im definitely gona pay a visit to the good ol family doctor. I am quite prone to strep throat so im probably due for my bi-montly sickness. Bad thing is i dont feel like eating, every swallow is like someone is stabbing me and im super swollen again.....yes just when it went down, im swollen again, so i definitely know something is up.

Wish me luck within the next 24 hours that this is some quick illness and it will go away, cuz i really dread hearing, "OPEN WIDE" so we can have a look inside, are you kidding if 1/2 an inch is wide then, lol......fingers crossed.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Procedures done during surgery

So I found my discharge page im supposed to give to my family doctor today, and on it, there is a list of all the proecdures i had done, the exact terminology. I will list them, maybe you all can help me figure it out without having to wait 2 weeks to ask the surgeon. Sorry if i mis spell anything, my surgeons writing isnt the greatest, lol

Vertical Maxillary excess A. P triverse(not sure of word) deficiency, mivoditlar utrogenathin marogenia retrogeina....k none of this makes sense to me, maybe you guys know? im probably way off here
Leforte one osteotairy impact, expand advance
Bilateral mivoditular, sagittal split osteotary advance
genioplasty vertical reduction.

So that was more difficult than i thought it was gona be. But will be interesting to see what he actualy did and how bad i am at reading his writing...hope u all get a good laugh out of this!