Wednesday, July 18, 2007

1st adjustment

So I went for my first adjustment on Monday there, and it was a great appointment becasue 1 im not sore, WOOOOOWEEEEE and i got some more information as to the plans for the future.

Here's the laydown...Since my teeth are already straight, there will be NO teeth movements prior to the surgery...there are a few teeth i can feel inside that are slightly bumping into others, you cant really see it but my tongue can feel it...but Dr. Hurd said not to worry he would take care of that after the surgery. So the laydown is that basically these damn braces are on so i can build up to the proper thickness of wire that i need for the surgery...WHAT A WASTE, lol...come on, i want some significant changes....this sucks. i got a slightly thicker wire on this monday, so no teeth were really sore...there was a bit of pressure but its all gone thats good news. Next adjustment is end of august, where he will put the next step up in the wire...then appt after that mid october will be the thickest wire possible that will be on for surgery AND surgery i didnt have these on last time, but they are going to use em this time...and im not looking forward to it hearing the horror stories from other people, and they will be on for over a month b4 the surgery...if someone has pics, PLEASE send away...i wanna see what im up against.

I asked him to put them on later but the next appt 6 weeks later would be mid november, and hopefully i will be in for surgery by then so i guess i cant be picky.

So thats about it for today, nothing too dramatic, only a new wire...guess these wont get interesting until closer to surgery when i get more pre details on what EXACTLY they are doing...

OUT for now, SMILES