Monday, December 17, 2007

another adjustment=1 step closer

So today I had another adjustment. I always look forward to them, because it means another step closer to being DONE!!! Of course the girl next to me was gettin her braces off....lucky duck, but i know my day will come soon enough!

So today i got the wires changed. Lower is just regular but goes all the way to the back, where as last time it went to my 2nd back molar. Upper it a little funny, right side is same as last time where it goes to my 2nd last molar, but left side it only goes to my molar. The wire ends there and then theres just bracket. Im assuming he is trying to get my teeth from the molar back to move themselves as they are a good 3-4 mm wider than the lowers, hopefully this will work a tad becasue the word "buttons" was used today....and i have read horror stories from other people that have buttons. But im at the point now that whatever has to be done has to be done...i will not settle for less than 101%. My ortho mentioned how not many of my teeth are touching in the back and hed like to get them at 90%.....90% WHAT, are you kidding me, there will be NO 90% in my mouth, i will not settle for less than we are definitely gona have to discuss that, even if it means wearing the braces longer.

I have another new elastic configuration that i can tell my teeth already dont like. I was so nice for the last 4 weeks to just wear then 10 hrs a day, but i shoulda guessed that wouldnt have lasted, lol. Now i have Fred on the left from my 2nd last molar to the molar beside the eye, so over 3 teeth, and lower is the 2nd back molar and the 3rd. That has to be worn 24/7. This is to pull the teeth together more as they arent touching like they are on the right. Im looking forward to this as my right side is getting alot of exercise as im only chewing with it. Right side is just 10 hrs again, so it gets a break and its 2nd last molar to 2nd last molar....or wait a minute, man i think i forgot, i better call the office tomorrow, woops, lol. I knew that was gona happen when they didnt put it on for me, lol.

Anyways everything else is good, next surgeon and ortho are in the new year...hopefully ill have more feeling and eating progress before the new year to update on!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Happy Birthday to me, the big 27!

So im finally 27!!! and so glad im lookin younger, care of a great surgery!!!

So things are doing well...i have posted some pics i am at 10 weeks time flies. You probably cant note in the pics but there is still a tad of swelling. Seems its down when i wake up but by night i guess after using my jaw all day for eating and talking the swelling returns. Hopefully this will stop into 3 months cuz its a bit annoying.

Eating is GREAT, getting easier day by day. I still cant open too wide, but its getting better the more i practice. I can still only chew on the right side as the left side teeth dont touch, but im sure that will happen soon with braces adjustments. I can say im happy where i am in recovery so far, lets hope it stays this way!!!

I have an ortho appt next monday, well see if hes gona keep trying to get my left eye teeth to touch more or if he will work on closing the back molars...always a thrill to see what's next on the ageda. I dont see the surgeon until the new year so thats good as well.

Talking is getting easier as well, but i still am having problems with R's...did you other fellow post op bloggers experience this? How long did it last. i find like the swelling talking is easiest when i first wake up but by night my words are slurred. Since im over 2 months now i thought this would be normal again but still quite hard.

Dont mind the pics i took i was being a superstar for my b-day and doing my poses, lol.

Happy birthday no Shontell as well, we have the exact same b-days, kewl eh!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

2 months post op!!

So im officially 2 months post op today, yipee! I got to celebrate by seeing the surgeon who said im right on track and everything looks great! I asked about eating, and he said i could eat whatever i could tollerate, but honestly i wouldnt be able to eat everything i want due to things being crunchy and not being able to open wide...but all in time right. I have to see him in 3 weeks again, so just after the new year.

Things are good overall, still a bit of swelling lingering, hopefully by 3 months it will be mainly gone. i took some pics again at 2 months, see if u notice a difference. Honestly i cant wait until the swelling goes away to see the new me, soooo excited.

I also got my results from bloodwork i had done today. I had a little scare there a week ago as my platelets were very low, at 62,000 where they should be 150,000-400,000, so my dr was worried about bleeding not clotting and bruising. The results today found me to be at 141, 000 so better but still not where i should be. I got back in another 2 weeks for another test, hopefully we can figure out whats causing this.

Tomorrow is my cardiologist appt to see about my murmur and racing heart. Will be nice to get that sorted out as well.

So thats about it now, swelling is the same, numbness is the same, lol...cant wait for that to end. Ill post more pics from this weekend, im going out to PARTY for my b-day next week!!!! Should be good times to get out drinking and dancing and back into civilization, wish me luck!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

weekly news

So Im officialy back at work, Im actually here 7pm-7am, and its rough. luckily its only 3 days in a row then 2 off, but it has been quite hard. Im still very tired, and around 2am im beat, and just struggle to make it the rest of the way. Its also hard getting proper food etc at work, but im managing so far. Swelling seems to puff up by the end of my shift, probably cuz im so tired and trying to fight the sandman, but at least when i sleep it seems to be gone again then re-occurs.

Movement in my face is getting better, however speech is still hard...i dont know if im not trying to pronounce things enough, or if im stuck with sounding like Elmer wascally Everyone thinks its cute...but i dont really want to be almost 27 and cute, lol.

The few people i have seen on night shifts seem to think i look very different, which is odd becasue i dont. I have been comparing before and after and think there are very minimal differences. Its more a bite difference for me rather than cosmetic and how i look. I think they just see that im still swollen and thats why they think i look different. I will be nice to see what they think in a few months from now.

Jaw wise im in a little pain, well more of a constant ache and stiffness in my jaw from it being used. I also am still quite swollen inside on the left where it has been bugging me for a while. I had a peek in with a flashlight and theres so much bubbly scar tissue and its really rubbing on my braces. I counted 3 canker sores in there...luckily i still dont feel too much, but i feel enough to know they are there and hurting. I have been using salt water rince, this numbing ointment and wax. Seems to be helping a bit, hopefully they will be gone by next week.

I will try to take another picture soon, i have been slacking on taking a weekly picture, so ill try to keep doing that.

Also just wanted to say how jelous i am of Brandy who got her braces off...doenst she look amazing...i can only HOPE my teeth look that great and WHITE when my braces come off!!!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Pampering yourself

Now this is something that is definitely needed after surgery, a pamper fest. So with that i got my hair trimmed, dyed it myself and to top it off got a massage today on my back! Man did it feel good. My back, neck and shoulders have been through a lot lately. I have to go back in another 2 weeks because my back was in that rough a shape.

Things are going well recovery wise. Feels weird not always wearing elastics though. It still feels like they are in when they aren't because i still cant open that wide. But its also nice not having them at the front rubbing and looking icky when talking to people.

I have taken some good pictures of my bite, got as close as i could without it getting blurry, u can compare and see how my bite aligns now and is close. U can see my mid lines are off a tad, but that will be fixed in the upcoming ortho adjustments. Thats it for now folks, hope all the American bloggers out there are having a happy thanksgiving weekend!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Finally some movement!

So i had my surgeon's appt yesterday, it was quick and simple...teeth are extra clean, really? Hm and i havent even been able to floss or brush at the back properly, but if you say so. Bite looks good, see you in 2 weeks again...I mentioned quickly that the left side inside is hurting a lot, feels like the gums are pulling to the max and the braces are almost embedded in my gums, as there is less room than the right side. The surgeon said its just from swelling and scar tissue, not to worry....but i left somewhat unsatisfied as it HURT, and i was hoping he could offer a solution.

So today was my first adjustment post op and let me tell u i was like a kid in a candy store, i was so excited i hardly slept last night, imagine that. So he said my bite is amazing, a little work to do at the back, but i shouldnt need the braces on for more than 6 months....which he had estimated previously, he even said it should be less than 6 months, woooooooooooooooooohooooooooooooo.

So today he replaced the wires, and i removed the surgical hooks, which was great, finally get rid of unwanted excess hardware thats not serving a purpose anymore. So the top wire has a bend at my front teeth as one is slightly more forward and one seems longer, however my roof was expanded caused this, but not to fret, since my adjustment at 10:40am they are aligned, however ones still longer.
He also didnt put the wires all the way to the back bracket, he left the last molar free, which will help the left side to heal inside, and no more rubbing. Again this has eased the pain 10000% since i have left and my mouth is happy on that side.
Lastly he changed my elastics im wearing the strongest elastic on the left side from the first 2 brackets so eye and molar to the lwoer 2 first brackets, again eye and molar. (Fred, heavy 6oz) This is to pull the teeth down a bit on the top as there is a slight space. And in order for the there side not to relapse, i have the lightest band from eye to eye tooth. (Elliot, medium 4oz) I was wearing Bear (4.5oz) since surgery so Fred and me arent the greatest of friends as of yet, lol. Best part of this configuration is that i only have to wear it 10 hours each day!!!! So i think ill prefer that to be when im that great news!!!!!!!!!!!!

So im a bit sore now, more of an overall pressure feeling and my joints are definitely feelin it. Its not the usual soreness since i dont feel anything, which im almost thankful for cuz that one elastic on the left is sooooooooooo strong and thick.

So Surgeon is 2 weeks again and ortho is 4 weeks, im glad things are moving along and theres more progress!

Monday, November 19, 2007

quick update

Things are going well in the healing, recovery department. First I'm going back to work next Monday, yes its about time, but I'm still slightly worried as i still talk a little funny and my face doesn't move that much, so I'm bound to be asked questions, ah well good exercise for the jaw right.

On other notes, feeling is coming back but man is it sensitive. My teeth ache when i brush them now, its a hard feeling to describe, somewhat like having a million cavities and the toothpaste is like chocolate being smeared all over the cavities...also i feel this when i moisturize in the am, i could touch my chin and my teeth go crazy, very weird feeling, but promising that the nerves are doing their thing, oh how the body works mysteriously.

I have an appt with my surgeon tomorrow will be good to see how things are going. The most exciting day this week will be wed, when i get my first ortho adjustment post-op!!!! I have tons of questions to ask....hows it looking? How much longer will all this last, etc etc. So I'm defo looking forward to that.

Other than that, just trecking along, doing my exercises and all. Eating had gotten somewhat easier, hardest part is getting the food in there, has to still be cut small, and it will take some time before my bite is used to its new location for chewing...but its looking promising!

Monday, November 12, 2007

mmmmmmmmmmm food

So its 5 1/2 weeks now and going strong. I think 5 weeks was a real turning point in my recovery. Finally this sickness has left and i have just a little bit of the cold left over, but its tolerable.

I have been doing much better as of lately, food, energy and overall wise. Energy, i find i don't have to take my daytime naps and i can do a lot more without getting tired. Food I'm eating still soft foods but I'm trying others, like i had a messy chicken sandwich at Swiss Chalet the other night, with bread, gravy and chicken, and i got that down no problem. As long as pieces are cut small I'm able to eat. Chewing is getting a bit easier, however still not perfect. I can only chew on the right side as my front teeth are hitting first, but hitting a bit more at the back on the right. Hopefully the ortho next week will help this. Chewing also seems foreign, its like I've forgotten how, and man does my jaw get tired. I'm happy though that I'm finally seeing progress as i was getting scared there at 4 weeks. My jaw is opening almost an inch now, so getting in there is getting easier.

The swelling is mostly gone, still a little lingering around my jawline and in my cheeks. Hopefully at the 2 months mark it will be gone, and i think the anti-inflammatory pills the surgeon gave me are helping.

So things have definitely done a 180 and i am doing a lot better, sucks it takes 5 weeks to feel that way, but at least its some hope for all those hopeful surgery patients out does get easier!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


So i went to the clinic and i now have antibiotics for a sore throat...they are just a general antibiotic, but it seems to be helping somewhat. The Dr couldn't really do too much as he couldn't see in, and couldn't take a swab, so thats the best he could do given the circumstances.

Today I had another emergency appt with Dr Tocchio the surgeon, regarding my sickness and the new swelling. Turns out the swelling is just from me being sick with this sore throat, cold, flu thing. Also theres more swelling in my cheeks because i have been blowing my nose....i know we were told not to do this, or do it gently, but tell that to the person stuffed up from a cold...what do they expect me to do. So he told me how to gently blow my nose if i have to, otherwise my cheeks are going to continue to puff up. Man hes gona think I'm a hypochondriac, well if he doesn't already, lol. He gave me some antibiotic for anti-fl amatory and pain, so hopefully that will help somewhat, but there are so many, like a months worth, and they are HUGE, like horse meds, lol. I also got to postpone my appt next week for 2 weeks from now, and he gave me my jaw exercises. I have to open with my thumb and finger and try to force it a little. The other is to put pressure under my chin and open, so theres pressure when opening...seems easy right, well it HURTS, but i guess no pain no gain, I'm really excited to see my jaw opening wider!

Other than that i have posted pics of me now, so u can see the new swelling around my jawline and cheeks. I do have some feeling coming back in my cheeks and nose, but its more of a pins a needles sensation when i touch rather than how it used to be, but im excited, 1 month post op and feelings coming back, YEAH. Wish i could say the same for my lower lip and chin, i feel NADA, Nilch, nothing....ah well all in time right.!!!

I noted recently that my mid lines are slowly separating. They were dead on, but over the past week or two my lower jaw seems to be creeping to the right, so they are a few millimeters off... i asked Dr. T and he said not to worry as i hadn't even had an adjustment since the surgery and it would all line up soon enough!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

1 month post op and sick as a dog

So its exactly 1 month today and guess who wakes up sick as a god. Someone has it in for me and doesnt want to make this recovery easy. I have no idea where i picked it up because i havent even really left the house much.

So i definitely have strep throat...thought it was the flu at first, but its definitely centred in my throat. Im HOPING tomorrow i feel better, cuz this thing has hit me so hard within the last 24 hours, honestly the worst i have ever felt.

Im hoping it gets better tonight, otherwise tomorrow im definitely gona pay a visit to the good ol family doctor. I am quite prone to strep throat so im probably due for my bi-montly sickness. Bad thing is i dont feel like eating, every swallow is like someone is stabbing me and im super swollen again.....yes just when it went down, im swollen again, so i definitely know something is up.

Wish me luck within the next 24 hours that this is some quick illness and it will go away, cuz i really dread hearing, "OPEN WIDE" so we can have a look inside, are you kidding if 1/2 an inch is wide then, lol......fingers crossed.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Procedures done during surgery

So I found my discharge page im supposed to give to my family doctor today, and on it, there is a list of all the proecdures i had done, the exact terminology. I will list them, maybe you all can help me figure it out without having to wait 2 weeks to ask the surgeon. Sorry if i mis spell anything, my surgeons writing isnt the greatest, lol

Vertical Maxillary excess A. P triverse(not sure of word) deficiency, mivoditlar utrogenathin marogenia retrogeina....k none of this makes sense to me, maybe you guys know? im probably way off here
Leforte one osteotairy impact, expand advance
Bilateral mivoditular, sagittal split osteotary advance
genioplasty vertical reduction.

So that was more difficult than i thought it was gona be. But will be interesting to see what he actualy did and how bad i am at reading his writing...hope u all get a good laugh out of this!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

day 26, and visit with Graham

So today I had another surgeon appt. Basically only a quickie...he looked at my bite, said everything was perfect and asked if i had any q's. I mentioned i was having a hard time chewing as it felt off and food just got lost, he said it will eventually come. I also mentioned not being able to get to the back of my teeth while cleaning, he said that will also get easier within the next 2-3 weeks. I go back in 2 weeks and then he will give me some exercises for my not quite ready yet. So it will be sit and wait for another 2 weeks, nothing much new im sure to report...

So after the appt i went to the hospital to visit our friend Graham who just had his surgery yesterday. We had somewhat pre arranged to meet up...he sent me a txt msg saying he was ok for visitors. Man did he ever look GREAT....hes doing very well and should be going home soon. His profile looks amazing, and the jaw surgery was a success....ill let him tell his own story, etc, but just wanted everyone to know he looks amazing and is doing very well!!!

Other than that, not much else going on. Im kinda getting the hang of eating, well more putting small pieces in and swallowing. Had lasagna, pasta, craft dinner, rice, ground beef, lots of puddin and ice cream, so im getting there. Not the healthiest diet, but how else am i gona put that 12 lbs i lost back on...... Ill post more pics on the 4 week and 1 month mark, but prolly will slow down on updating as there isnt really anything new to update on sadly:(

Friday, October 26, 2007

Day 22

So swelling was going down, but popped up again after i got the splint out on Tuesday and after my ortho appt on Tuesday. Again, not sure if its due to the poking and prying, or the fact im using my mouth more for talking and eating. Good think is its going down again, however some lingers around my nose, cheeks and chin.

Still nothing new in the feeling department, most of my face is still pretty numb, however i notice when i talk my lips are starting to move a little more, a good sign?

Talking is still difficult and i have what i now call an "accent" hehe, its cute, and my boyfriend says he actually likes my voice more now as its more "girlie" and higher pitch, who woulda thought.

Eating is also still difficult, i havent grasped the chewing thing yet. I find if i try to chew food goes everywhere and gets stuck so its much easier to get smaller pieces etc and just swallow, however that doesnt do much in the taste department. Im still mainly eating soups, scrambled eggs, baby food, puddings, and ground beed in gravy. Maybe next week ill be more adventurous.

Another difficult this list is pretty long, hehe, BRUSHING, still hard as i cant open too wide, so my outside of my teeth are spotless but its very hard to get inside. I find everyday its getting a tad easier, but i cant get to the back where my teeth desperately need cleaning.

Pain wise there really isnt much, a slight pull here and there from the stitches, and after changing elastics i feel a bit of pressure, but its actually tollerable.

Recovery is going well, however very slow, but ill get there. Next appt is with the surgeon on Tuesday, will be almost 4 weeks post op by then! There are new pics of my hardware check it out, and new pics of me today, 22 days!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Day 19- SPLINT IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So ladies and gentlemen the splint it out.....19 days, omg i dont know how some of you handled it longer than that. My mouth and tongue is soooooooooooo happy.

I honestly thought it comin out would be such a difference, but honestly other than extra room in my mouth i feel the same:( I tried eating with a baby spoon and i find it hard to open wide enough...same for brushing, how did you all manage to open wide enough to get the brush in there, even a baby one? Guess it will take patience and practice!

Also talking, i thought it would come back naturally, but its still pretty tough, prolly cuz my face is still numb and doesnt move. I didnt think lips or cheeks made such a difference when u talk, lol. Im a lot clearer, but definately not my usual also seems much higher pitch? Weird

So i did my ortho appt as well today, just for a peek inside. He said all is well, and he will start tweeking in 4 weeks, YIPEE!!!!!!!!! I have a loose bracket and things are definately off still but it will all work out in the end.

So since the splint is out, ive noted a chipped molar, ill have to ask about that later, didnt find it until my tongue was fishin around inside on my way home from the surgeons office. Also i note that my upper jaw is soooooooooo wide, wider than the lower, but thankfully the ortho said not to worry hed fix it. My front teeth are dead on, PERFECT...however my back teeth are still not touching, again a slight concern, but braces should fix it!

So i think thats it for now, i have pics of my x-rays and my new hardware but im at my parents and cant get picassa to download properly, so ill have to post em when i get home!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

day 17

So its been 17 days since my surgery, it feels like the time has flown by and i cant believe i had major re constructive surgery only 17 days ago. However on the other hand, it feels like its been FOREVER, and I honestly cant wait for all of this to be over.

So as of lately i've been doing better i guess, lol. Still plugging away. Ive stopped taking my pain meds, i think ill try small Advil pills should i need anything. Its not really pain I'm feeling though, more of a pressure and weight. My face still feels so heavy and if i lean forward it pulls me forward, hehe. Imagine that, i lean forward and boom, just fall face first, would that be hilarious, and i wouldn't even feel a thing.

So my countdown is on, 2 days until i get this splint out. I'm so excited but having horrible nightmares at the same time. Its always the same one...i get there and he says, "oh, ur bite inst sitting quite where i want it, another week" OMG its suck a nightmare honestly to me. I want this awful splint out....i CRAVE FOOD!!!! Ive tried eating soft stuff, mashed potatoes, eggs, but i cant even open wide enough to get anything in, and when i do its tasteless...could my taste bud nerves have been cut too???

So i have new pics again from today...its getting a little easier to smile, but still the stitches are pulling inside, but not as much so definitely a good sign. My face is so electrifying, I'm getting shocks all the time from nerves doing their work so lets hope they are on their road to recovery.

Today i am going to the store to pick up some stuff...i haven't really felt like leaving the house prior to today, mainly due to lack of energy and i don't feel quite up to driving yet. So today me and the boyfriend are gonna visit WALMART, and let me tell u i am soooooooo excited, change of scenery!! Woohoo.....

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Day 12

So im officially at day 12. Swelling seems to be the same, ive added pics, and will try to at least every other day. I also added one if of my little puppy, Gizmo who will be 1 soon, all 4lbs 6 oz of him....he was just being so cute today that i had to add a picture!

So i'm officially always hungry now, this liquid diet thing is so not appealing. I have lost a grand total of 12 lbs so far....and for me thats a lot considering im a tall thing girl at 135lbs originally and 5'11" im closing in on 120 and can defininatly feel it taking a toll on my energy level...cant wait to eat again. Im eating high protein, carbs etc, but i think my metabolism is too fast:(

Anyways the smile is comin along. I feel that when i smile now i can feel everything inside pulling around the stitches, guess its all healing. Hopefully some elasticity in my gums returns because its not the pleasantest feeling. Im trying today without pain meds, well see how it goes, so far so good, but its only been 3 hrs without them, lol.

So i dont think much else is new, still healing away. Hopefully in 2 days there will be more progress and less swelling, it will mark 2 weeks!!!! Never thought id make it!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Finally at my own home

So I have been staying at my parents place since the surgery and i can say it was great. All of that love and attention was definitely what i needed, but of course it had to come to an end.

I'm finally back at home with my boyfriend and dog and i cant be happier. I really feel being at my own place now will help me be a bit more independent and speed up the recovery process. I have tons of stuff i want to do including cleaning up, painting, but ill leave that stuff until i feel a bit better. Ill be happy for now if i can manage to make my own meals and get some rest.

So I've finally posted a picture section with my recovery pictures. Its on the right hand side under pictures. There the original before pictures and some after pictures. I've missed some days, but ill try to stay on top of it.

So far i can say I'm not overwhelmed with results. Mainly i guess I'm just not giving it enough time. My bite is great, but appearance wise I'm not happy. Hopefully things will change when the swelling goes down. First of all my nose is the weirdest shape nostril's bigger and sits out way more...u can really see it in the pics...i PRAY its just swelling cuz i had a nice nose before, lol. Also WHEN WILL THIS SWELLING GO doesn't seem to be changing at all, i don't want a fat face, i was happy with my shape before...all in time right. Also it would be nice to start feeling some of my face. I'm sick of drooling and not knowing when my nose is running. Its like i need others to tell me, which scares me for going in public, lol. Anyways i guess i cant really complain cuz It doesn't look like i really had this whole major surgery done only just under 2 weeks ago.

Anyways just my rant for the day, unfortunately I'm sure there will be many more to come, so please bare with me.

Think that's all for now, lets hope the week moves fast, cant wait for next tues to get this splint out!

Friday, October 12, 2007

things to buy before surgery

So heres some things that i didnt think of before surgery that i had to send someone out to get, i know again its different for everyone but heres a few tips.

Humidifiers help soooooooooo much in the beginning, if u can get one it will really help.
Liquid advil( although i couldnt take, it catches my throat, too syrupy, ive tried 2 kinds now)
vaseline for lips
carnation instant breakfast
beef broth
zip and squeeze website...get the ice pack head warp, really good and the recipe book, sooooooo helpful omg u would belive the tips and recipes in and squeeze i have but u cant control the liquid coming out so u choke yourself, well i do at least
syringe.....VERY IMPORTANT....we got 2 at the hospital, but definately not enough, pick up at least 10, ull need them 24/7 for drinking, meds, etc...and the markings wear off so ull need new ones for measuring....the syringe is easy to get but its harder to get the tubing that u attach on to go in your mouth.
kleenex-lots cuz ur gona drool like crazy
q-tips and peroxide...for cleaning our your nose after surgery, get rid of dried blood with q0tip and watered down peroxide
brush for syringe bottle
salt water solution for rinsing
non alcololic mouth wash watered down
some premade soups frozen if possible will cut down prep time
blender...MUST HAVE
gravol...lost of, well at least i was very nauseuous...theres also a patch available, lasts 3 days, called transderm-v
lastly is suppositories pain meds...not the greatest but will help if u cant take orally as i couldnt cuz i didnt have enough liquids in me and it made me sick

Think thats about it, im sure theres others but those are DEFINATE things that helped me through my recovery

Thursday, October 11, 2007

finally a light at the end of the tunnel

So today folks marks 1 week and i can say im not doing the best still but definately a lot better. I had a few complications and i think ill break down on another blog later exactly what i went through each day. Now i know that everyone will be different, however its something i definately needed B4 going into this surgery to know everything is pretty normal and on track. Hopefully some of u will find it helpful. Ill also create another blog of what i have found are ESSENTIAL to gettin gprior to surgery, things u might not think of which u will need. Lastly ill try to do a little nutrition so others can maybe share some of the recipes ive had, they are quite good, well some good and others not so...but anyways.

Today i went to see the surgeon, Dr. Tocchio again for my 1 week appt. They took an x-ray, omg i couldnt believe the screws, etc in my face...some nice hardware. I will definately bring a camera when i return to take a pic for my pictures section, but to describe i have 3 screws on the lower left side, 3 on the lower right side, 2 in my chin....2 gaps on either lower side where he advanced it, which will within 6 months grow over, so theres no bone or anything there now. So upper they removed the old hardware from the previous surgery and i have plates on either side of my nose and above my cheeks. Roof im not too sure but i think i have another few becasue he widened it a lot, so again thats hollow now and will grow in again during recovery.....

So u can see why i wasnt doing too well, sooooooooo much work. Plus with all the scar tissue from the past surgery and removing the older hardware, he said there was so much to do even he felt bad doing it all at once, but there was NO way i was going in again, lol.

So im still really swolen so he removed the elastics and cleaned it out a bit and put new ones on....i couldnt do it myself since im swollen. He also gave me lip pucker and to smile, to get the swelling down.

Other than that my next appt is for a week tues, so the 23rd when i get my SPLINT OUT!!!! omg u dont know how happy i am about this. I cant wait cuz honestly i think ill be totally recovered when its out, eating tongue cant handle much more now with the splint, its ripped to pieces.

Oh i also have special lip stuff because i got a lip infection at the corners, lip fungus or something...again i wasnt doing well after surgery, so thats healing, but still sore...remember people after surgery VASELINE...i did but guess not enough.

K so think thats it for now, again i will do those other blogs, but my neck is killing me here on the computer...ill try again tomorrow...but all i am doing much better and thank you so much for your comments and words of encouragement!!! SMILES

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

road to recovery

Sorry all for the delayed blogging, i wasnt doing too well there once i got home from the hospital, trouble breathing, couldnt keep anything down, couldnt get the pain meds in, but anyways its all over and done with i hope.

Saw Dr. Tocchio today, 2 days earlier than planned, but it was needed since i wasnt doing the greatest. He says im doing well, and bite looks great. We had to cut some elastics so i could breathe, but the splint is still in...yes it SUX, cant wait to get it out, but hesyas 2-3 weeks still. He rinsed my mouth and suctioned it out and cleaned my nose out, funny, a doctor picking my nose, but it was much needed to get dried blood out so i can breathe. I have new pain meds stuff easier to take and should be on the road to recovery.

I tried ensure, etc, but im back on clear liquids cuz im too flemy otherwise. So just gatorade, broth and water...soooooooooo hungry.

I have pics but im at my parents place and cant get picassa working...i should be home sunday at my place so ill put all the pics up.

Think thats it for now, again ill write more later, but i need some more liquids, a little nauseous and low on the energy....yes im a suck, but i dont know how all you other fellow bloggers did so well, this hasnt been fun for me....anyways hope for better news next time. Seeing Dr. Tocchio thurs again for x-rays and elastics to you all after then


Wednesday, October 3, 2007

hourly countdown is on

So i cant believe its less than 24 hours until ill be done and in recovery. Crazy eh. It definately has hit me now...hopefully i can sleep tonight!

So I called the surgeon's office today just to confirm that everything is on schedule which it is. I asked them about my canker sore and they said it shouldnt be a problem cuz they arent contageous and not to worry....fiewf, now my mind is at ease.

So I cant eat anything after 12, and nothing but a little clear liquid tomorrow am...MAN am i gona be hungry, i dont have to be there until 10:30 are they nuts...i wont be eating for a while, why start the hunger pains before surgery, hehe...but doctors orders.

I have to be there at 10:30. My boyfriend is gona take me, but were also meeting my mom who is gona stay as well for the surgery, u know moms.

So thanks again to all for your well wishes, i definately have a lot of angels and prayers on my side, which im thhankful for! Hopefully ill be well enough to post on sat or sunday when i get home....until then, thank you everyone....see you with my new face and jaw!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

mouth sores

So surgery is in 2 days now and although i feel confident and fine, i MUST be freaking out and stressed because my body is acting all crazy.

Upset stomach, nauseous, mouth sores, well thats mainly from the surgical hooks, yes the bottom middle one is really bugging me (sorry guys that are getting them, its not pleasant.) Even with constantly having wax on, its still sore, because what is aggravating it is when i am eating, it really pokes into me:(

Also i have really bad allergies right now, stuffy runny nose and sinus problems. Thank Goodness its not a cold, but still, are they going to have problems with the tubes, etc?

Lastly i have a killer sore throat, and reason for this is i have a huge canker in my throat...yes the back of my throat by that hangy ball thing (not sure of the medical term). Don't people usually get those on their tongues or mouths. Well not me i get it in my throat. Its i think I'm gona have to call the surgeon to find out if its ok....

More or less I'm looking for a bit of comfort from my fellow bloggers, did any of you experience anything similar? I honestly feel pretty calm and collected, but obviously my body is telling me otherwise. So the dilemma is what to do, leave it or call the office? Could u imagine i have waited all this time and they cancel due to a canker sore and allergies, oh man....

Saturday, September 29, 2007

past 2-3 years

So i was looking at some pictures around the house and from facebook from 2005 and what a diffrerence. When i smile u can see top and bottom teeth and they actually look pretty maybe all of this has come up in the past 2-3 years, crazy but heres the pics, see what u think? The pictures will be in the before section, i think the last few, ill write dates under them so you can see for yourselves.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Pre-op done

So I have finally figured out how to add the Picasa pictures to this website. Just click on my larger picture and it will take you to all the before pictures. They aren't the greatest or the clearest but its the best i can do, I'm not that technologically advanced, lol. There are front on pictures, side ones, close ups so you can see how my lower jaw is 9-10mm recessed.

So pre-op with the hospital and surgeon are done. What a relief, now its just a waiting game until surgery on Thursday Oct. 4th.

So here's some info i remember, check in is at 10:30, surgery at 12, should take roughly 2.5-3 hrs. Dr. Tocchio is doing upper/lower, roof expansion and chin. I WILL have a splint, lucky me. It's a 2 night stay at the hospital.

So i roughly know what they are doing but i honestly didn't want to hear all the graphic details so i stopped him part way through. But basically the roof is being expanded in a V shape. Upper they are cutting pieces out beside my nose and also tilting it, and moving it back slightly. Lower will go forward and lastly chin will be done cuz it will be too pointy and long after. I'm sure theres more, or more details which i didn't want to know.

So overall Dr. T said i will look different as my face wont be as long, it will be more proportionate, and i wont be all teeth when i smile. Moving the lower jaw forward and top back will make my top lip cover more teeth and ill have a nice smile...damn i thought it was nice already.

I will try to take more pics this week, i don't have many old ones as they are on our hard-drive from the old computer, but i want tons for comparison after.

Overall i cant wait to get this done and over-with, will be nice to bite into things without the constant muscle pain and headaches...fingers crossed

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

cant it be oct. 4 already

So just a few updates i thought i would post. I will definately post again tomorrow or Friday with some pictures for before and after comparison, and my post op at the hospital and with the Surgeon, Dr. Tocchio is tomorrow so i will know a lot more details of exactly whats going to happen and what to expect.

I now have my surgical hooks, got them on Monday. They aren't too bad, i have 5 on top and 5 on the bottom. The worst 2 are the ones in the middle of the front teeth both top and bottom, other than that i don't even notice the others. The top one always bugs me when i talk, but the bottom one bugs me more when i eat. They are also a pain cuz even more food gets stuck, and where i was able to go tongue surfing to get little bits out, nope not anymore cuz those hooks are in the way. Worst of all they are on for probably 6 weeks after least they will be the least of my concern after surgery, hehe, ill have more pain to worry about elsewhere. Honestly though i had imagined they would be way worse...i put wax on at night to cover them and its not that bad.

I had 3 cavities filled on Monday as well, figured id get it over and done with, plus my mouth will probably be not the cleanest thing after surgery, i would hate to get more cavities......eek....

Tuesday i visited the doctor to get the general pre-op form filled out. We had a bit of a speedbump when the doctor said i had a heart murmer....WHAT???? No ones ever told me that before.....i have had some heart troubles in the past with a racing heart, etc, so now i have to see a cardiologist(i think thats what they are called). I DOUBT i will get an appt before next Thurs, so i will just leave it. I'm only a 1 our of 6, so fingers crossed they will still go ahead with the surgery....but yeah I'm a TAD worried.

I think thats it for now, again i will have more info available tomorrow after pre-op. It will be nice to know exactly whats going to happen etc etc and ill be sure to get some pics up as i have slacked thus far....just hard finding time to get someone to take them for me:)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


So Christmas came slightly early this that I mean, MY SURGERY DATE IS IN!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought I would have to wait until November, but I got an OCTOBER DATE!!! And its even the beginning of the month.


Im super duper excited, yes if thats possible for someone going in for surgery. Pre op is in a today was spent scheduling dr sppts, dentist, ortho, cancelling other appts i know i cant make now, and i got all my time booked off work...2 months...yes i know this is a tad excessive, but considering im going in for my 2nd round of jaw surgery i definately want to play it safe. This will be the 2nd and LAST time.

I will try to get some good photo's taken before going in for a comparison for everyone and for myself...gota keep some pictures of the old me, well not sure if i will look that different but anyways.

Last thing i have to say is THANK GOODNESS i started buying my stuff a few weeks ago....hehe u never know right, guess it was telepathy. So thats it for now wish me luck!!!!!

Too excited to write anything more, SMILES

Saturday, September 8, 2007


So Sept's moving along nicely, but not quickly enough. Honestly i cant WAIT for October to get my date...hope they call early october, i know im gona be so restless until i get that call.

So ive been reading through all the people's blogs who are still in recovery mode and man its soooooo helpful. I have already started picking up things here and there that i will need, and ive made my list of questions and concerns to ask the surgeon.

So far i have my protein powder, carnation breakfast, whiteboard, zip n squeeze pack with 5 of each bags and the face cold wrap (the one they give you at the hospital sucks cuz u can only put ice in it so its quite bulky, this one has gel packs, seems like it will be a bit more comfortable, if thats possible)

Still to get is soups, liquid vitamin, ice cream, yougourt...can anyone think of anything else.

My prof is already aware and has said he will be accomodating for the classes im going to miss and the exam, isnt he nice!!!

As for my bite, i plan on taking some profile and teeth pics soon and posting them, 1 for everyone to see and 2 for me to compare to after surgery.

Honestly though my bite seems so off now, its like teeth are touching that werent before, i have a different bite every time i close...and all ive had done braces wise so far is thicket wires, no actualy movement of indicidual teeth, weird.

So hopefully ill get those pics up soon, ill have to recruit someone to help me take em!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

2nd adjustment

So again not much new in the braces department. I had another adjustment last thursday there, they put in the thickest wire that will be in place for the surgery. MAN it looks thick. Anyways, my teeth hurt for a week after, and nothing was even really being moved, just overall tension. So heres what i learned today, ill be quick and simple.

Next appt is Oct 17th, thats when i will be getting my wire replaced, and my surgical hooks on, yipee, surgery here i come.

My ortho told me to contact the surgeon, Dr. Toccio to see if i can get a date, i knew i wouldnt but i thought id call anways. They said yes im still on the november list, they double checked for me. they said that a note would be added to my account for a nurse to contact Dr. Hurd my ortho to confirm i would indeed be ready for nov, as if i would make that up, hehe. Then if thats cleared a nurse would call me the first week of october for a surgery date!!!!!!

YEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!! But man waiting until October is gona be killer. From there ill get my date and well book an appt about a week prior to surgery for my pre-op stuff, pics, x-rays etc.

So thats good news, im ready, well minus the surgical hooks which will be in place next, things are all working nicely together.

Again once i get my date ill post straight away, until then i wont really have much to say. Lets hope im posting first week of Oct like they are saying, and not oct 17th when i get the hooks on, fingers crossed for me all!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

1st adjustment

So I went for my first adjustment on Monday there, and it was a great appointment becasue 1 im not sore, WOOOOOWEEEEE and i got some more information as to the plans for the future.

Here's the laydown...Since my teeth are already straight, there will be NO teeth movements prior to the surgery...there are a few teeth i can feel inside that are slightly bumping into others, you cant really see it but my tongue can feel it...but Dr. Hurd said not to worry he would take care of that after the surgery. So the laydown is that basically these damn braces are on so i can build up to the proper thickness of wire that i need for the surgery...WHAT A WASTE, lol...come on, i want some significant changes....this sucks. i got a slightly thicker wire on this monday, so no teeth were really sore...there was a bit of pressure but its all gone thats good news. Next adjustment is end of august, where he will put the next step up in the wire...then appt after that mid october will be the thickest wire possible that will be on for surgery AND surgery i didnt have these on last time, but they are going to use em this time...and im not looking forward to it hearing the horror stories from other people, and they will be on for over a month b4 the surgery...if someone has pics, PLEASE send away...i wanna see what im up against.

I asked him to put them on later but the next appt 6 weeks later would be mid november, and hopefully i will be in for surgery by then so i guess i cant be picky.

So thats about it for today, nothing too dramatic, only a new wire...guess these wont get interesting until closer to surgery when i get more pre details on what EXACTLY they are doing...

OUT for now, SMILES

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

oh happy days

So I am officially a brace face, teehee. I went in on Monday for what i thought was going to be a 10 minute appointment, boy was i wrong. The lady tells me, you can take your jacket off, you are going to be here a while...what, what happened to 10 mins. Oh yeah, we decided we are putting all your braces on today, if you have the time, because we arent putting the o-bands on the back...YEAH ME.....very sarcastic

So lode and behold, 1.5 hours later im braced up. I got the front top 6 clear, so they are slightly less noticable, but MAN THEY KILL!!! I dont remember being in so much pain back when i was 12. Maybe its because i didnt care so much then, but now that im older with responsabilities, i cant have this pain in the way, u know. I mean its wednesday already and its no better. I can barely chew my ravioli im currently tryint to eat.

Anyways enough of my complaining, haha. Im sure by Saturday ill be good as new, well other than trying to speak normally and loose this lisp ive gained...i call it my new accent!

So Dr. Hurd said im ready for surgery, haha, funny eh. Since my teeth are already straight, they just put on the braces early so my teeth get used to them with a light wire, then they wont be so sore when they change to a stronger wire for the surgery. So he told me to call Dr. Tocchio to find out a date. I did this and they said they are only now booking for July, so id have to call back October to get an exact date, but at least im getting somewhere right!

So thats it for now, i have another appt in 6 weeks when they will do an adjustment. Ill try to take some pics of my braces sometime over the next week or to!

SMILES, well, small smiles for now to hide the brace face i have, teehee

Saturday, May 19, 2007

First Blog

Hopeful bite after surgery, of course its not exact because im just pushing my lower jaw forward, but as you can see i have a chin!!!

Current bite, no chin and puffy cheeks, ew

current bite...check out that overbite!!!

close up of models

models and my 8mm overbite/openbite

So here I am, my first blog! Bear with me and have some patience as I am new with this and it is a learning process. Hopefully by the end I will have learned some new computer skills and will have helped you all with information that might assist you through your journey's as well.

My name's Kristy Clucas. I will tell you my story, ill make it short and simple since i don't really remember all the medical terms since this goes way back.

I had braces on when i was around 12-13, something like that. When i was around 15 i had upper jaw surgery because i had TMJ and was having a lot of pain, cracking, lock jaw, etc. I was told i had to have this procedure done, thats all i really remember. I was supposed to have upper and lower, but on the day of the surgery the surgeon decided the braces had worked so well they only needed to do upper.

Within the first week my jaw had shifted and i had probably a 3mm overbite. It was discussed a few years later if i wanted to go back into surgery to correct this but at the time i was not having any problems or discomfort and decided to leave the matter.

Well not over 10 years later, HUGE problem. I now have a 8mm overbite(open bite) and my teeth barely touch. Im having a lot of clicking, pain, headaches again and have decided to go ahead and do the whole thing over again, braces, surgery, uggggggggggg.

So they say the reason this happened, is i have a rare case where the joints re-shaped themselves and are now oval instead of circular, causing the shift and the open bite. Hopefully the surgery this time will correct this problem, because ive been told next step if it doesnt it joint replacement, OUCH!!!

So the appointments have been made. My first ortho appointment is jund 4th, where i will get my spacers, and current permanent retainer wires out. Next is the 13th where i will get the whole shabang on. Surgery is planned for November but we will see closer to the time.

So thats my story, tried to keep it simple, but feels like i just told my lifestory in a short novel, haha. Ill post some pictures so you can see what im talking about.

Thanks all for listening!