Thursday, May 1, 2008

Yet another surgeon visit

So I saw Dr. Tocchio, the surgeon again yesterday. It had been 2 months since the last appt, and first seeing him since my braces came off. Again he is very happy with my bite and says it is holding nicely.

I explained to him that my range of motion is a problem and im having quite a lot of pain on the right side...way more so than before the the point that ive been to the dr's 2 times now thinking i had an ear infection because of a sharp pain in ear drum. Turns out theres nothing and its just from my joint. So i told Dr. T and he said to STILL give it some more time and that because its my 2nd surgery it IS going to take longer to heal...and it will definitely be 1 year before im even close to a normal range of motion. He wants to keep an eye on my situation so im back to see him in 2 months to re-assess. He said to continue doing my exercises, and see if it helps.

So no good news again...I just wish i wasnt in pain, cuz that was the point in going in for the 2nd surgery...yes my bite is perfect and its easier when chewing, but still painful i d say 4 times MORE painful...even more:(

So guess well stick out 2 more months and see!


Mary said...

Hey Kristy, sorry to hear about the pain. I know one person who had the surgery who also ended up with a lot of pain and she said that she ended up going to a cranial pain specialist which helped her to get rid of the pain. Your teeth, by the way, look PERFECT!!! As for the numbness, its still there but I know have much more feeling on the surface. I'm still hoping for a total recovery, yup, even though I just turned 50! Mary

Tara said...

That stinks that you are still in pain. I hope that the surgeon is correct and that it will go away. Keep us updated. Sending good thoughts your way!

Michelle said...

I hope things are getting better. Try not to get too discouraged, hopefully just a little more time will help!

Graham said...

Dr T is a Jedi and so are you! Hang in there kit-katt! :o)

-Tony- said...

hey - sorry you're dealing with discomfort still. I only had the 1 time surgery (top and bottom) and it's been 6 months yesterday. The range of motion is still a little issue for me, there's still tons of numbness in the gums and I'm starting to feel my teeth a little more. I still handle some of the sinus pain with Advil.

But look at it this way - you look so HOT!