Friday, June 13, 2008

finally getting there

PROGRESS!!!!!!!!!! NO MORE PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now having said that i hope i didnt just jinx myself.

So i have finished my anti-inflammatory med's and gotten my night mouth guard and i am doing pain!!!

I have 2 different night guards...the place thought since i had a strange case that they would give me 2 to see which one i like better in a study...i have to get back to them next week...

I will take pics of the 2 but to describe theres the one and new one...the old i prefer...tis more plastic that sits under the teeth and hooks on at the side with 2 its small in the mouth, great for my nitetime clenching...takes all the stress off my jaw. I LOVE IT

The other u have to put in warm water before and its like a hard sports mouth guard...i personally HATE it...its way too big and my teeth dont hit right, so it actually hurts my jaw....again with pics it will help...i will try to post them early next week

But for now, all i care about is NO PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rachel said...

Yeah! So good to hear that you are doing better. I was really hoping that they would find something that helped your pain.

-Tony- said...

Happy to read you're doing better with the pain. I had to deal with the pain of getting a night guard then it wasn't what I needed after all. I'm ditching this dentist now.

I guess you can now focus more on the better a wedding?

Affordable Teeth Whitening said...

Im so glad youre not in pain anymore any doing better! *knco on wood* I hope it carries on that way! And good youre done with the anti-inflammatory med's theyre bad for you. Ive been taking them too but im so happy youre not in pain!

Keep us updated!