Monday, November 24, 2008

oops, forgot

yes, yes ive forgotten to write in 4 months:( been very busy as we all have, and not too much new things, just a tad here and there.

So the bites still amazing, eating is fabulous. Range of motion still sucks, but im dealing with it...i still do my exercises but i dont seem to be able to open more than 3 fingers. Its quite annoying with hamburgers, and suchi (my fav recently) but i manage!

Feeling is still coming back, its the worst in my chin and lower lip which doesnt seem to be going anywhere at 13 months post op, im still hoping it will come back magically though!

I had a scare there when i got sick...the left plate beside my nose was doing something funky. My tooth directly under(eye tooth) was being affected and going crazy, so painful. I was quite swollen and it hurt like hell. Turns out it was related to the cold and sinus, but still to this day to touch beside my nose doesnt feel hoping its just nerves growing back, but again i have another cold and its going all weird. I MIGHT have to get the plates out, it was an option before because of this, but im starting a new jb and training, so it will have to wait. It only annoys me when im sick, but to have it do this every time im sick just wont cut it for me.

Ive heard gettint he plates out is easy, quick recovery so if we get to that im not really concerned.

As for everything else, fantastic, love it! And im still happy i did it! Ill try to post some new pics soon, just crazy with with my new job starting soon, and the wedding is 4 MONTHS AWAY!!!!!!!!!! yipee!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to all the supporters out there who have continuously been checkin in on me!


Katherine said...

Haha, life happens. Good to catch an update from you, though. Can't wait 'til this business is no longer all-consuming, so it's got to be confirmation that life really does carry on. :)

Sheesh! I can see why you'd opt for removal if it's going to behave like that everytime the snifles come 'round.

Congrats on the new job.....and the (fast-approaching) wedding!!!!!

ummul said...

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Mary said...

Hi Krisy -- thanks for your note on my blog. Regarding the numbness, my surgeon did warn me that there was a good chance I would not regain all of my feeling. To add insult to injury, the nerve had to be repositioned during my implant surgery so its no wonder. But if you keep up with Brandy, you will note that she has most if not all of her feeling back. She is about 10 years or a little less younger than me. So really there's no reason why you shouldn't expct to get all of your's back. By the way, have you ever tried a Neti pot for your sinuses? Good luck with your wedding. Mary

Amy said...

How do you like the clear retainers?

Amy said...

How do you like your clear retainers?

Anonymous said...

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